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About our C.M.E Programme

Welcome to the 25th CME Programme organized by Kottayam Medical College Alumni Association.

We have an excellent track record going back to 1996, when this CME was started. It was the first of its kind in the country. Even though several regional and national copy-cat programmes have sprung up since then, our CME remains the original and peerless forum for gaining academic knowledge, helping several thousands of students to advance their careers and further their dreams and aspirations.

The CME is intended as a refresher course in all subjects needed by a budding Doctor, from Anatomy to super specialty subjects. Students can interact face to face with top faculty in various subjects, and clarify doubts and difficulties directly. All our faculty members will be personally beside you to guide you through the entire course.

May we remind you that this CME is run on a not-for -profit basis.
Imparting knowledge is our primary and only goal.

We have no connection with any other similar CME,
nor do we run branches or franchise arrangements.

Date : 5th March 2017 (all Sundays & Saturdays)
Venue : Kottayam Medical College Alumni Association Auditorium
Time : 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM

Rules & Guidelines

Please read this carefully and follow the instructions to avoid any confusion.

  • Admission will start from 15th December 2016 and classes start from 5th March 2017.
  • Admission will be allotted by screening the mark list (final MBBS marks of students)
  • You can procure the application forms directly from the office or you can download the form from this website. Attach 1 photograph, copy of MBBS final year part I&II mark lists, and DD along with this application form.
  • Please contact the office during working hours (11am to 3 pm on working days) for all matters related to the CME programme.
  • Registration by DD only in favor of Kottayam Medical College Alumni Association payable at Kottayam.
  • No cash transactions will be entertained.
  • Refund will be provided only if a student gains admission to a PG course in the current year. You will have to bring a copy of the admission memo to get the refund.
  • Each delegate will be provided with an ID card.
  • ID card should be presented at the venue on all days without exception. Entry will not be permitted without the ID card under any circumstance. ID card is also required for collecting printed materials.
  • Questions will be provided before the class starts. Explanatory notes will be given as per instructions of the concerned faculty. Please take care to collect notes only after the session has ended.
  • Get the printouts as early as possible. No printed notes will be available after the CME programme has ended.
  • Doubts can be clarified directly with the faculty preferably or may be hand over to the co-ordinator.
  • Each subject will be discussed in a topic wise manner.
  • Online exam and mobile app are also provided.
  • All clarification should be done with the co-ordinators only.
  • All decisions taken by the President with the Co-ordinators will be final.

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